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Starting Apartments from € 70 - 240 / night
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Comfort Are Perfectly Combined Here !

If you want a great comfortable relaxation you can have it in our high quality apartmants!

We offer great programs, the bars and the beach is very close.

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Popular Apartmans

Start from € 90 - 240
per night

Comfortable apartment with bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, and terrace. Double bed, TV, AC, shower, basic kitchen appliances, free Wi-Fi, and toiletries provided.

Start from € 70 - 220
per night

Comfortable apartment with bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, and terrace. Amenities include double bed, TV, air conditioning, shower, free Wi-Fi, and basic kitchen appliances.

Start from € 70 - 220
per night

Modern, comfy apartment with bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, terrace. Amenities include double bed, TV, A/C, basic kitchen appliances, shower, towels, toiletries, Wi-Fi, and TV



We offers 8 comfortable apartments for team retreats, located just a 5-minute drive from the center and port of Baskavoda in Croatia. The apartments have a sea view and can accommodate up to 5-6 cars. Partners of the hotel include the Aria Cafe and Confort Beach Bar, which provide guests with excellent dining and relaxation options.

One of the highlights of the area is the child-friendly beach with white sand and crystal-clear water. The hotel is located close to the Biokovo mountains, providing a pleasant microclimate with no strong winds. The police force is tourist-friendly and the area is safe for visitors. The hotel offers options for corporate team building, as well as accommodation for motorcyclists and Vespa enthusiasts.

The hotel staff speaks English, Hungarian, Croatian, Serbian, and Bosnian. The apartments are equipped with all the necessary amenities, including a fully-equipped kitchen, utensils, and toilet paper. The local wine is also excellent. Guests can enjoy a 3-course seafood menu, including freshly caught fish and shellfish, for 70-80 euros on Thursdays. The hotel is conveniently located close to the road, making it easy to access, and everything is within walking distance, including the beach, restaurants, and shops.

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Holiday programs

On site
Swim in the sea
Hunt octopus and other seafood

Do you like to have a great memory? Get this program!

€ 100/person
4.5 experience
On site
Boat program
Join to the next boat trip

Haveing fun, nice seafood

€ 150/person
On site
Grill party
Best traditional foods

Best testes, joing our program

€ 60/person

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The apartment is very nice and elegant. Sculptures decorate the spaces, you can get around comfortably and have a good rest. The host is kind and helpful.

James Customer / Guest

Nice people, nice place. We loved it!

Harley Customer / Guest

Coratia is our best holiday place. If you want a nice view and premium apartman i think you should book here.

Alita Customer / Guest
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    “Escape to paradise by the sea at our Baška Voda apartments”

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